Multimedia Services – Quality Assurance for Customers and Employees

multimedia service monitoring coverIt follows an interview with Detlev Voß, one of brightONE’s sub business unit managers. Learn more about him, his team, and brightONE’s solutions for Monitoring, IMS & VoIP Services and Testing Productivity. He also provides an in-depth account of his ANGACOM presentation on multimedia services, focussing on the importance of a holistic approach from strategy & design to operation while implementing a high-quality service.

Michael: Please describe your professional background.

Detlev: My official job title is “Sub Business Unit Manager – Communication Network Solutions”, but my role is twofold. I’m a delivery manager and a solution consultant.

Michael: And your team?

Detlev: It’s a team of 20 highly professional engineers located all over Germany. We design and deliver solutions for all kinds of communication networks. For example monitoring and test automation solutions as well as services like IMS consulting, VoIP network integration and CPE testing.

Michael: Speaking about monitoring solutions, what according to you should be monitored?

multimedia service monitoring detlev

Detlev Voß – Sub Business Unit Manager – Communication Network Solutions (brightONE)

Detlev: We focus mainly on monitoring of services, like voice & video quality of VoIP and IP-TV applications. Our solutions are geared towards network operators as well as enterprise customers.

Michael: What’s your customer’s gain?

Detlev: Definitely reduced operational cost and improved service quality. The latter – besides being a benefit for the end-user – also helps in reducing customer turnover.

Michael: At brightONE’s ANGACOM booth your slogan was “Green Light”, an allusion to monitoring solutions?

Detlev: Yes, but that’s just a small part of our portfolio. There are also IMS & VoIP services, mainly consulting – from RFQ to network design -, network evaluation (e.g. a VoIP readiness check), integration and test. We also pitched the subject of CPE testing.

Michael: You also had a speaker slot. What was the presentation about?

Detlev: It was aptly named “Multimedia Services – Quality Assurance for Customers and Employees” and merely restates that implementation of a high-quality service is a process starting with strategy and design which has to be re-evaluated as you go along – a simple, but often ignored principle.

Michael: Your quality assurance process has four steps. Why?

Detlev: VoIP and IP-TV service quality are influenced by all lifecycle phases. The four key aspects – from my experience – are: strategy and design, product selection or implementation, service implementation, and lastly operation.

Michael: And in detail?

Detlev: Service design includes defining a target service quality, for example an average and minimum voice quality. Architecture and design are fundamental for all phases to come. Devise a test and monitoring strategy as early as possible.

If just one network element in the chain is not able to deliver the envisioned high service quality, it impacts the overall service quality.

Not only do network elements influence service quality, but also their integration into existing networks. Thorough verification and validation of all products and end-to-end services is indispensable. Monitoring should never replace testing.

Finally, continuous monitoring during operation permits an immediate response in case of incidents or service degradation.

Michael: A final statement. What does ANGACOM mean to you?

Detlev: ANGACOM is the place for networking. We had lots of keen discussions with our customers and partners, e.g. Witbe and Nextragen. We also met a significant number of potential new customers and partners.

Michael: Thank you!

Learn more about brightONE’s Communication Network Solutions or contact Detlev directly.

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