Case of study I: Testing issue in RCS clients (part I)

The reasons why a user isn’t definitively exploding a service can be very diverse. Several features like visual design, accessible interface, simplicity or additional value offered, would help a user decide in favor of RCS. However we believe the main points why RCS is not triumphing among the users are the unacceptable glitches often faced.

Therefore in our blog we will pay special attention to explore the malfunctions of RCS. The aim will be the improvement of the performance of the service, to help refining an enriched messaging service.

Rich Communication Services (RCS)

RCS_JOYN_ENRICHED_CALLING_CRANE_MOBILE_TESTINGIt’s quite a long time that we first heard about RCS. Nevertheless it looks like this enriched service is not convincing the end users to be their preferred messaging service. In addition the goal doesn’t seem easy. The messaging market is very competitive and these competitors have a quite stable market share.

We, in brightONE, are being participants in the race of achieving this goal. Or at least accomplish the objective of developing better networks and/or applications that help the users decide for RCS. That’s why we have decided to start writing about RCS in our blog.